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Come and enjoy ... (teams of 4-5)

Put your 'out of office' on and come and motivate your team learning about the Alpacas, developing mutual trust, respect and discovering their world as a herd (team).  Learn about their luxurious fibre and associated high end product.  Spend time making keepsakes to take away whilst relaxing with your colleagues. You will be given several opportunities to try including - Alpaca haltering & walking, pom pom making, needle felting, collage, seed planting and a quiz.


Social animals range from packs of wolves to flocks of geese and are experts in team building. They stick together because they have to – it’s critical to their survival. Whilst team building for humans might not be critical to our survival, it is definitely crucial to our success in the workplace.


Let’s see what we can learn from the animal kingdom’s best and brightest.


9.45am - Arrival Refreshments, Health & Safety, Farm Introduction and Icebreaker.

The morning consists of getting to know the Alpacas up close.

12.30'sh - Lunch

The afternoon consists of crafting with alpaca products and surrounding nature.

2.30 - Cuppa, discussion and Quiz


Previously a mangement skills trainer, I deliver an interesting day focused around the calming nature of alpacas whilst intergrating a relaxed approach to working with different 'child like' activities, promoting team spirit and a sense of achievement.


Workshop Aim: to introduce animals and understand not only their behaviours but your teams reactions too.  Release stress around the non aggressive alpaca nature and embrace something totally different to the office whilst inspiring positive productivity, communication and enjoying valuable time with your colleagues.


What you get in the package: One to one Alpaca experience, your finished alpaca products using the luxurious alpaca home grown fleece, finished collage, lunch menu, unlimited drinks and a sense of calm and satisfaction.

Each delegate will be given a free Alpaca Experience Voucher to use with another paying guest to share the love of Alpacas.


Team Building with the Alpacas

  • Must be paid prior to day.

    Sorry but no reduction for non participants, late arrivals and early leavers.

    Appropriate clothing to be worn and protective footwear. Details given prior to day. Kindly note this is a real farm, watch your step.

    Alpaca Experience voucher is non refundable and has to be used with another paying guest for the Alpaca Experience (currently £15).

    Own Transport required.

    Pine Tree Alpacas have the right to refuse entry.

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