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Pregnant Females with Cria at Foot

Some of our breeding females may/will have cria at foot (less than 6 months, still feeding, not yet weaned from mum) 

All will have up to date vaccinations and are ready to leave. Mothers will be re-mated  with one of our 3 studs, ready to birth the following Summer. A ready made family,  add a couple of our 'White Walkers' (halter trained males)  and you are ready for business. Please come and discuss, we have several pregnant females to get you started. Guaranteed live births.  All our animals leave with full back up advice and support with free mating for any fails.

from £2500

Pregnant Females

We have several lovely natured, pregnant females. All are great mums and we offer full back up and support. Every animal leaves with up to date vaccinations and husbandry.

From £1500

Young Females

We have very few young females left for purchase, please contact Lisa 07801060612

Halter Trained Walkers

We don't have any halter trained walkers for sale at the moment due to high demand and their therapy training.  However please come and visit to learn more and reserve these lovely natured, cute creatures, accustomed to the selfie photos, familiar with children and animated characters, including the blind.  Let your locals enjoy the alpaca experience. 

From £1000.00

Male Pets/Guards

We don't currently have any male pet/guards for sale. Please see our walkers as an alternative or call 07801060612

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